ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119

  • Supply ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119, ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119 Factory Quotes, ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119 Producers OEM
  • Supply ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119, ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119 Factory Quotes, ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119 Producers OEM
  • Supply ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119, ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119 Factory Quotes, ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119 Producers OEM
ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119
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The ISBe ISDe QSB Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 0445020119 is our company's hot sale products. With the strength of selling to the different market of the world and good corporation with the OEM, we can provide very competitive price and Huge selling amount from the beginning to the end of the year.
Excellent quality with both Genuine and Second Market type are all available. Excellent and latest package/Beautiful Label and Mark would be Show from the outside. As for different market/ personal requirements the Package and All the marks can customizable. Due to our own extraordinary logistics company, Our experienced staff can design effective solutions for your company using a vast network of transportation modes.
The best services for our product's Quality Assurance/warranty of our company meet both the all requirements of international standard and Official standard.

Product Description

ApplicationPart NoApplicationPart No
Fuel Injection pump FPT0445020007Cummins QSB4.50445020043
NISSAN ZD30 engine Fuel Pump 0445010136 16700 MA70A 0445010136Cummins ISDe_EU40445020137
Dongfeng Light Engine ZD30-K0445010195Cummins LDA 3.8L-Avalon0445020517
Dongfeng YuAn_CRS1.4_4Cyl_YA1.3L_EU40445010157Cummins lSBe60445025600
Dongfeng Renault DCi110445020084CR Fuel Pump  0445010182 for Foton 4JB10445010182
Dongfeng Renault DCl11 st20445020062FOTON 150Tl0445020112
Dongfeng Renault 4cyl.H0445020111FOTON 150Tl_EU5;0445020099
Dongfeng Renault 485_EU30445025007Foton Cummins 3.8L EU4 5256607 04450201220445020122
Dongfeng Renault Dci110445020012FOTON Foton2.8L_TC0445025027
Dongfeng Renault_DCl11-St3_EU30445020013Great Wall 4CYL. 2.8LTC/TCI Fuel Pump 04450101590445010159
Fuel Injection Pump 0445020045 for Cummins ISDE EU3 3971529 4982057 1409696 17029320445020045GREATWALL 2.5TCl_EU30445025008
Fuel Pump 0445020150 0 986 437 342  for Cummins ISF3.8 5264248 4988595 0445020150GREATWALL 2.8TC EU30445025018
ISF2.8 Engine CR Fuel pump  4990601  04450201190445020119GWM 4D20;4D280445010261
Cummins ISBE5.9L_EU30445020045RENAULT dCi110445020219
Cummins ISDE EU4 Fuel pump 04450201370445020137Fuel Injection Pump 0445010221 CR/CP1H3/R85/10-789S for FAW0445010221
0445020168  CR/CP1H3/R85/10-789S Fuel Pump for Dachai 4DC_EU4  Engine0445020168CP1H3 High Pressure Fuel Injection Pump 0445010158 FAW CA4DC0445010158
M11 engine Fuel pump 3090942/34176743417674cummins ISLE/6C8.3 3973228/5594766/CR16003973228


Fuel Injection Pump

Product Highlights: 

1. Original & Aftermarket parts
2. unified packaging
3. Competitive price and Stable supply capacity
4. Reliable after-sale service

Our Company


Resun International Trading Co., Ltd is an import and export company, setting up with the approval of Ministry of Commerce. We have factories of Visco fan, cable tires and diesel generator sets assembling, also as one of the biggest distributor of automobile parts in the middle of China, our business scope cover a wide range of automotive parts and accessories. Beside self-owned logistic warehouse in Shiyan and Wuhan, we have Subsidiaries for logistics and customs declaration .
Based on good faith and pursuit of mutual benefit , we supply engine spare parts for many domestic retailers and wholesalers, what's more, our products are sold well to Japan, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Iran , as well as other countries in the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa etc.

Main products  

*Full Cummins products from small engine to big engine, including Original and Aftermarket.

Diesel engine assembly and parts, such as auto parts of 4BT / 6BT / ISBE / ISDE / ISL / ISF2.8 / ISF 3.8 / M11 / N14 / NT855 / K19 / K38 / K50 / QSB.

*Full range of Dongfeng trucks,  especially commercial vehicles and Dongfeng bus, special trucks and chassis.

*Full range of Chinese brand truck, passenger cars, and bus spare parts,such as Dongfeng, Foton, Faw, Howo, Yutong, Higer, etc.

*Filters for vehicles.

*Turbocharger (other brand copy turbo).

*Fuel system products, Bosch, Denso, Delphi etc.

*ZF Gearbox assembly and parts made in China.

*Dana axles and parts.

*India TATA auto parts.

*Custom Parts: Relying the powerful production capacity of Dongfeng Motor Corporation ,we can manufacture parts  according to customer's  drawings or samples.




1. 100% accuracy in quantity and items.
2. Standardized and reasonable packing procedure.
3. Original package or package per your request.


1. Get product from well-known brands in priority.
2. Self-owned company for logistic and customs clearance.
3. Wuhan city have its own port and airport,.
4. Mature logistic chain and customs clearance system.

Our Service


Price will be double-checked by our marketing manager , keeping price more competitive and reasonable.


Quality will be double-checked by our quality control engineers . before delivery , we will send detail photos about products and its packaging to our clients . we will send out cargo after confirmation.


If the product is inconsistent with the contract, we accept returns or exchange.

Individualized service

We have different strategy for different kind of partners and offer the most suitable service to everyone.

Customer rating

RESUN have a full set of customer rating system. And after our authentication, partners can get our support in terms of price, method of payment, new product research.

Rebate plan

Discount and rebate for our long-term partner.

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RESUN is authorized distributor of various famous brand. We can get engine parts with good quality and price.

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